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Seaux Loyal Rewards

This is our Thank You for Loving our sublimation products and supporting our small business!! 

See below how you can earn more Points for different actions, and turn those Points into awesome rewards!
Ways to Earn Points
 Signup = 20 Points
 Place an order = 50 Points
 Celebrate a birthday = 200 Points
 Like on Facebook = 10 Points

Ways to redeem
Order discount --> 200 Points = $1
***max of 1000 points to spend per order of $50 or more

Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make a purchase.
They get $5 off coupon on $50 or more
You get $5 off coupon on $50 or more

All you have to do now is CREATE an account or LOGIN if you already have any account.  Then Shop, Earn Rewards points.

The icon below will show you how many points you have. It is located at the bottom right corner of both your mobile device and computer. You will go to this icon before you checkout to redeem your any rewards you have accumulated.

If you registered before July 14, 2021 you already should have 50 points added to your account.